Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Over the past decade, Cloud computing has revolutionised the way businesses deliver their IT services. But what exactly is The Cloud?


In short, we would describe the cloud as interconnected services and devices that can be accessed from anywhere. The cloud is everywhere in the ever-growing mobile world that we live in and you may be using it without even realising. Photographs, videos, and contact information are often automatically saved to the cloud on your mobile phone devices that we use every single day – we call this the ‘commercial’ cloud. Then there’s the ‘business’ cloud and this is where we can help your business.


At Tribeca, we have years of experience and expertise in designing, implementing, migrating, and supporting businesses to work in the cloud using a variety of platforms. As a service provider, we are thorough when it comes to gaining an understanding of the client’s business and the requirements that have to be met in order to keep the business running efficiently. We then work together to provide our recommendations on the best cloud platform for their business, whether that be a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud solution.

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    There are a number of cloud-based computing technology options and from our experience, we understand that many of our clients now operate in a Hybrid Cloud environment with some workloads or applications now running in a public cloud or private cloud environment. There are benefits for each option of cloud computing and it is entirely dependent on the way a business operates.


    Our team of specialist engineers have qualifications and experience dealing with a wide variety of cloud computing tools and platforms, such as:

    Focus on managing your core business whilst we handle your IT requirements with our fully managed service
    Access to engineers with a diverse range of training and high level of expertise
    Tribeca ensure the ongoing operation of your systems, and understand their importance to your business
    We guarantee to reduce your IT overheads including third party providers
    Our solutions and technology give you the freedom to change service providers at will; so we make sure our service and pricing is always better than the competition

    Choosing A Cloud Service Provider

    As more and more people use the cloud in their everyday lives, it is not a surprise that it becomes a talking point when discussing technology in the workplace. Choosing a cloud service provider can be a difficult decision to make for your business.

    Tribeca has created numerous private and hybrid cloud environments for our client base and would wholeheartedly recommend this as an environment for your core infrastructure.  We have worked for clients working in both private, hybrid, and public clouds and can assist you with deploying services to either platform.

    We are a leading cloud computing provider and have expert knowledge about each cloud solution available, we can help you to gain an understanding of each option before you take the next step.

    Cloud computing companies can all offer something unique and we pride ourselves on setting a high standard for our clients. We have years of experience and excellent feedback from all of our clients from a range of industries that we specialise in within the alternative investment sector, including Hedge Fund and Private Equity firms.

    Cloud Services & Computing Solutions

    Our cloud computing services can help your business understand the cloud and what it can do for your business.  Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service, rather than a product. Whether it be the delivery of a specific application, data storage, or an entire desktop, the deliverables are the same – to be accessible wherever the end-user is geographically located.


    There are different types of cloud topologies and each option has benefits depending on the needs of the business.

    A public cloud is often seen as the traditional or mainstream definition of cloud computing. This is from a third-party provider, for example, Dropbox, and can be used by anyone to store data, images, videos and files. It’s important to point out that with the public cloud you are reliant on your public cloud hosts support, which is often not as responsive as in a private cloud. For example, if you are using Google Drive, you are reliant on Google’s support services if anything goes wrong.


    The public cloud allows data to be maintained and operated completely by the vendor and resources can be accessed and shared with others when required.


    Many businesses within the alternative investment industry are now using public cloud services and solutions. Whether that be for AI or CPU intensive workloads or simply for the multi-geography scaling model, there has been a significant move to public cloud services.


    Applications running in the cloud must be created and built with security in mind. Many providers offer advanced security controls, however, generally, they are not enabled by default and require configuration to run effectively. We at Tribeca, have implemented and supported many clients to move to a public cloud environment and we would be happy to assist you.


    Benefits of Public Cloud include:


    • Scalability
    • Multi-Geo
    • Advanced Security controls
    • Software as a Service model
    • Reduced Management overhead (PaaS, Saas)

    The private cloud is highly secure and is generally dedicated to one individual business.  It can be accessed by one company or one organisation and can be a very good option for businesses that need to keep data secure and accessible to only people within the same company or even within the same building. An example of this would be an infrastructure hosted in a Data Centre with resilient connectivity.


    Tribeca provides our own private cloud platform for our clients; FundCloud. Operating out of a number of data centres across the globe allowing our clients to choose the locations of their chosen data centres. All of our private hosted servers have reliable disaster recovery built-in with replication to a secondary data centre within the same country.


    Our dedicated virtual machines feature the following USPs:


    • Rapid Deployment
    • Disaster Recovery built-in
    • ISO27001 certified Data Centres
    • IPSEC VPN or direct connectivity from client offices
    • Multi-Factor Authentication

    The community cloud is a shared resource that allows several organisations within a specific industry to access data and documentation. It is generally smaller than the public cloud, however, the overall costs such as creating and supporting the infrastructure can be split across all of the organisations that have access within the industry. It can be managed by the organisations involved or a third party.


    Benefits of a Community Cloud include:


    • Accessible to organisations within the same industry
    • Safe and secure
    • Cheaper option as costs are shared between organisations
    • Support provided

    It’s no longer a simple choice of public or private, many companies want to make that choice for specific applications or workloads within their environment. As such Tribeca has designed, implemented and currently support many Hybrid Cloud solutions across our client base. Whether it be to integrate their Private Cloud environment with Office 365 or having externally facing systems running within AWS, Tribeca are your leading IT partner and will work on these projects alongside you.


    A hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more cloud entities:  public, community and private cloud computing solutions. When executed well, this can be a reliable solution for businesses that wish to create a tailored remote storage solution for their data. It provides the cost-effective option of the public cloud, and still offers the private cloud for confidential data and documentation.


    Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud include:


    • Cost-effective

    • Provides both public and private cloud solutions

    • Disaster recovery built-in

    • Multi-Geo

    Cloud Computing Consulting Services for Your Business

    At Tribeca, we want you to have a thorough understanding of cloud computing, the solutions and services available and to know in detail what it means for your business. Our cloud computing consulting services can help you to discover what cloud computing can do for your business and how it can improve the management of data between sources, organisations and individuals.

    During our consultancy, we will do our best to gain a clear understanding of what you do as a business and what you need from our cloud services. We will in turn make recommendations based on your needs and the needs of the business. We will explain information to you about the different types of cloud topologies, the benefits of cloud computing and the problems that can occasionally occur when using cloud-based storage solutions.

    The 3 main benefits of working in a cloud computing environment are:

    • Reduced Capital Expenditure – cloud computing is paid incrementally reducing the capital expenditure for organisations for businesses wanting to store data, documentation and files. However, this is not the case when investing in a private cloud option.
    • Scalability – You can scale the computing and storage needs of a business almost seamlessly without the need to purchase additional hardware
    • Remote Access – the cloud can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection


    We should point out that like with anything there can be problems and risks associated with moving data or services into a public, community or hybrid cloud rather than a private cloud. These can include:

    • Security – large cloud providers offer a large attack surface to cyber criminals.  Although most of the large cloud service providers have a range of sophisticated security controls available – by default many of them are not enabled and need to be configured and deployed as part of any migration or implementation.
    • Control – Once you have updated data to a public cloud-based service you lose control of it. It is good to always have a backup option.
    • Availability of support – Although one of the key benefits to Cloud Computing is the availability of your infrastructure – when operating in a public cloud there can often be a lack of support or long wait times when help is required. Support SLAs can be expensive to public cloud users but can offer a faster response time – this is often more suited to larger companies who can afford the additional support costs.

    At the end of a consultation with one of our cloud experts, we will ensure that you fully understand the best cloud computing service for your business and discuss a cloud migration to make everything run smoothly.

    If you are considering a migration from an On-Premise environment to a cloud solution that you should speak to us directly to arrange a consultation. It’s also important to note that this service is part of our exclusive package option and is not a service we provide individually at the moment.

    We would recommend an audit of your existing environment, before providing a cost/benefit analysis of potential cloud platforms. It’s quite conceivable that some workloads are suited to the private cloud and others to the public cloud, but we can help you with this process to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.


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