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Tribeca have years of experience designing, implementing, migrating and supporting businesses to working in the Cloud. As a service provider we are agnostic as to which model our clients use, its about us understanding the requirement and finding the best fit for their business.


Many of our clients now operate in a Hybrid Cloud environment with some workloads or applications running in the public cloud and others remaining in private cloud environments.


If you are currently working through a cloud migration project or are looking to move to the cloud, please get in touch.

Focus on managing your core business whilst we handle your IT requirements with our fully managed service
Access to engineers with a diverse range of training and high level of expertise
Tribeca ensure the ongoing operation of your systems, and understand their importance to your business
We guarantee to reduce your IT overheads including third party providers
Our solutions and technology give you the freedom to change service providers at will; so we make sure our service and pricing is always better than the competition

Private cloud

Tribeca provide a Private Cloud platform for our clients. Operating out of a number of Data Centres throughout the world, our clients can choose the location of their data. All our private hosted servers have Disaster Recovery built-in with replication to a secondary Data Centre within the same country.

  • Dedicated Virtual Machines
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Disaster Recovery built in
  • ISO27001 certified Data Centres
  • IPSEC VPN or direct connectivity from client offices
  • Multifactor Authentication

Hybrid cloud

It’s no longer a simple choice of public or private, many companies want to make that choice for specific applications or workloads within their environment. As such Tribeca have designed, implemented and currently support a number of Hybrid Cloud solutions across our client base. Whether it be to integrate their Private Cloud environment with Office 365 or having externally facing systems running within AWS – Tribeca are your IT partner and will work on these projects alongside you.


Hybrid cloud solutions, when done well, give the client all of the benefits of the Private and Public cloud.

Public cloud

Many more businesses within the Alternative Investment industry are now using Public Cloud services. Whether that be for AI or CPU intensive workloads or simply for the multi geography scaling model, there has been a significant move to Public Cloud services.

However, it’s important that applications running in the public cloud are built with security in mind. Many providers offer advanced security controls, however generally they are not enabled by default and require configuration in order to be effective. Tribeca have implemented and support many public cloud environments for our clients and will happily assist you on this journey.

Benefits of the Public Cloud Include:

  • Scalability
  • Multi-Geo
  • Advanced Security controls
  • Software as a Service model
  • Reduced Management overhead (PaaS, Saas)

Considering a Cloud migration?

If you are considering a migration from an On Premise environment to a cloud solution – please get in touch with us today. We have years of experience migrating clients to the cloud and would be delighted to assist you.

We would recommend an audit of your existing environment, before providing a cost/benefit analysis of potential cloud platforms. It’s quite conceivable that some workloads are suited to private cloud and others public cloud – but don’t worry we can help you with this process to ensure you get the best possible outcome.


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