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Helpful Guides & Resources

Helpful guides

Tribeca has created a range of documents to help you understand the benefits and pitfalls of certain technologies and infrastructure platforms such as cloud computing and VDI. Tribeca has also written handy advice guides, giving you insight into the best practices of things such as passwords, cybersecurity, and how to implement IT for start-ups. You can view all these documents here:

Review Process Guide

Whatever your reason for wishing to review your IT support, there are important factors to take into consideration when choosing a new IT partner.

Cyber Security Whitepaper

Our comprehensive guide to Cyber Security will give you the basis for a Cyber Security plan. Get in touch if you need us to implement it for you.

Cloud Computing Guide

Our comprehensive guide to Cloud Computing will provide you with a basis for your Cloud Computing plan. Get in touch if you need us to implement it.

Mobile Device Management

Tribeca can help you decide which MDM software is best for securing your employees’ mobile devices to protect against data loss and cyber-attacks.

Multi-factor Authentication

Does your company require an MFA solution? Our guide offers an overview of how MFA can benefit your business by bolstering your network security.

Office 365 Backups

Just when you thought you’ve got this covered; did you know that Outlook doesn’t backup any deleted emails of yours that are older than 30 days?

Password Advice

Our Password Advice document is designed to help prevent you leaving yourself exposed to cyber breaches through weak password security.

Guide to Hybrid Cloud

Our document will help you to understand what a Hybrid Cloud network consists of and inform you of the benefits and drawbacks of the solution.

IT for Start-Ups

Tribeca has much experience working with Hedge Fund and Private Equity start-ups, helping them realise growth goals by providing the correct technology.

Guide to VDI

Office relocations can impact your IT infrastructure, but don’t let this phase you. Tribeca have overseen hundreds of office move projects.

Case studies

Since 2006, our team at Tribeca has delivered a wide range of support to many clients across the alternative investment industry. We have both designed innovative solutions and delivered positive results on a local and global scale.


Below are some of the most notable case studies that provide an insight into our work with clients. These are real companies, real situations, and real outcomes. We hope that these case studies help you answer any questions you may have regarding our real-world capability, and the breadth of provision which we can offer.

Hybrid Cloud Case Study

Hybrid cloud solutions, when done well, give the client all of the benefits of the Private and Public cloud.

Office moves

Office relocations can impact your IT infrastructure, but don’t let this phase you. Tribeca have overseen hundreds of office move projects.

Data centre hosting

Hosting your infrastructure in a Data Centre comes with heaps of benefits. See how Tribeca have migrated a client to a hosted environment in our case study.

Business start-up

Are you in the process of setting up a new business? Do you require help in designing a scalable IT infrastructure? Tribeca's here to help.

Network design

Have you outgrown your existing infrastructure? or are your systems outdated and due an upgrade? Let Tribeca design your new network.

Private cloud migration

Tribeca recently helped a new client migrate to Tribeca's Private Cloud infrastructure, FundCloud. Read our case study to find out about the process.

Cyber security training

Your cyber security is only as strong as its weakest link. In many cases the weakest links are humans. Cyber security training remedies that issue.

New York office launch

Tribeca has global offices allowing us to become your worldwide IT partner, assisting with new office launches and continued support.

Public cloud

Tribeca recently helped a client break away from a larger entity by building them a Public Cloud infrastructure.


Tribeca recently helped a client upgrade their entire infrastructure alongside managing and executing an office move for their team.


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