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It may come as no surprise to you that financial services companies like yours are far more likely to be targeted by cyber-attackers than businesses in other industries. Research from insurers, Hiscox, indicated that 55% of UK firms had faced an attack in 2019, which was up by 40% year-on-year. The problem appears to be that many companies feel like they won’t be targeted, as the media tends to only report on larger security breaches.

With mounting pressure being applied by all stakeholders, 83% of financial services firms stated defending against cyber threats and protecting personal data as one of their biggest challenges in building or maintaining their reputation (Source: Makowsky Wall Street Reputation Study).

Don’t let out-of-date or end-of-life assets compromise your cybersecurity strategy and leave your business exposed to online criminal activity – Are you confident that your business is as well-protected as it could be in terms of cyber security?

Data breach incidents and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are continuing to hit record highs each year, with the financial services sector being a primary target for such attacks. DDoS attacks occur when a requested server or service is restricted to limited or no availability at all. This is achieved when attackers infect one or more of your computers with malware and then use the infected network, known as a botnet, to launch their DDoS attack.  Your infrastructure is then sent large numbers of requests, which then overloads it and causes your internet connection to break down. Your website will either load slowly or not at all.

Are your critical assets as safe as they need to be?

Only last month, a LockerGoga ransomware attack is estimated to have already lost one international industrial company $40m. The company concerned was forced to isolate all its plants across the U.S. and Europe to stop the spread of the malware. LockerGoga is a malicious software that’s able to encrypt 19 common file types (including those with extensions such as .doc, .dot, .docx, .xlm, .ppt, .pps, and .pdf.) with the extension .locked.

Here at Tribeca, we’ve accumulated 13 years of cyber security experience and are Cyber Essentials accredited. Our technical team can provide the exact support you need throughout your entire security journey. We make sure our knowledge of the scale and causes of successful cyber-attacks are up-to-date and regularly formulate and review risk mitigation strategies to keep valuable data like yours safe and secure.

We’ll ensure that you’re always operating using a secure internet connection, secure devices and software, and are protected from viruses and other malware. You can also rest assured that your software and hardware will be regularly maintained and watched 24 hours a day, as we monitor over 11,000 sensors across our clients’ devices and endpoints.

Don’t allow a cyber security incident to have a negative impact on your business through loss of brand reputation and trust – learn more here about how to protect your IT infrastructure by downloading our Cyber Security whitepaper and Password Advice notes here


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