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Company overview

The Tribeca Technology Group was founded in 2006 by Mark Instance. Previously, Mark held the position of Global Head of IT for an international Hedge Fund that had offices all around the world. Frustrated at the time by the lack of affordable, high-quality outsourcing options, he decided to form his own company and offer world class Managed IT Support to the financial services industry. This is achieved by delivering an outstanding service at a competitive price.

Our business is built on a foundation made of three important values:

  • Caring – about the business, the success of it, and its people
  • Integrity – we are honest and dependable
  • Ownership – we are accountable and adaptable

Our core identity contains the following four important elements:

  • Knowledge  Financial Sector, cyber-security, IT strategy, Network design, Software and Hardware
  • Excellence  100% client retention, no third party contractors or call centres, and an instant response help desk that resolves 90%+ of ticketed issues remotely
  • Expertise  Over 40 years of combined experience within Alternative Investment industry, migration, data centre hosting and visualised infrastructure
  • Dedication  43 qualified staff, yearly client network audits, detailed monthly reporting and regular client surveys


These provide us with a competitive edge within the marketplace and clear points to focus on as we grow year after year.

Tribeca’s people are key to the success of our business. As a service company, it is our employees whom allow us to sell our services and grow the company. We expect the highest standard of conduct and individual performance, and work hard to develop every employee to their full potential. We appreciate the value of diversity within our workplace and are committed to developing an environment where everyone can succeed regardless of race, sex, gender, marital status, religion, age or disability. We find that diversity brings additional creativity and enhances productivity. Our employees from different backgrounds offer fresh approaches to challenges and generate more innovative ideas. We find that a more diverse team benefits our company from an international perspective, as we now have a higher level of bilingualism, which helps with communication, negotiating and business networking with future clients. In the case of bilingual employees, these individuals are excellent multitaskers and able to process information more quickly and efficiently. Diversity allows us to develop our business for the better, whilst making it more interesting. This is because we do not all think the same, act the same and have the same interests. We feel that because we are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking, we are far more likely to succeed and achieve our goals.

Since launching in 2006, Tribeca has achieved continuous growth of approximately 30% year-on-year, and is always looking for exceptional individuals to join its team and help sustain growth into 2018 and beyond. We would welcome the opportunity to speak to knowledgeable technicians who possess an unshakeable desire to provide a valuable service to their clients and keep them happy.

If you think you have what it takes to excel in a fast-paced, demanding IT environment, please get in touch - we would be delighted to speak with you.

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