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How much do Tribeca's services cost?

Being open and transparent about our pricing approach from the beginning of any relationship with our clients ensures that expectations are met.

There are many variables to consider but our core principle is to give our clients a fixed monthly rate based on their specific needs, with no usage caps or hidden costs. 


With an in-depth understanding of what the financial sector needs from their IT partner and a reliance on a 24/7 service, our core principle is to provide our clients with a fixed monthly fee that includes all remote support needed and never any usage caps or hidden costs.


Taking all of the above into account we will provide a fair and competitive price for the bespoke solution that your business requires.  Find out more about how we determine that final monthly cost in our pricing blog.


The number of users within the client’s organisation will have the biggest impact on the monthly cost, as the volume of work we are asked to do for our client’s increases in line with the number of users within their organisation.


The cost per user does tier depending on the number of people within the organisation as there are economies of scale. A business with hundreds of users compared to a business with tens of users will require more support. However, they’re more likely to have issues that can be resolved for multiple users at once, meaning the “support per user” is less. This means supporting larger businesses becomes slightly more efficient.

Onsite Time

Whether you require a few hours a month, or 40 hours a week, onsite time is a key variable for our service costs. It is also a big part of what makes our service as good as it is.


During our onsite visits, we do floor walks, taking the time to ask each of your users if they have any issues that they’d like fixing but they’ve not had the time to raise a ticket for.


This enables us to improve our customer service levels and improves the overall relationship with you and your business.


As is the case with users, the number of offices a client has increases the amount of work needed to support a business efficiently. Each location will have its own connectivity, configuration and devices. 


Ensuring that all of this works in tandem with other offices in the overall network requires monitoring and maintenance.


Each additional location increases the risk that a portion of your businesses users are suddenly unable to work due to an internet provider going down, a power outage or some form of hardware failure. Each of which will require a rapid response from a member of our support team.

Tribeca provided invaluable consultancy when we recently acquired a new company. We would have struggled to have the data and systems migrated to our platform without their knowledge and support in a project with tight timescales. Tribeca enabled us to finish the project on time and on budget.


The level of cyber security that your business already has in place can affect the initial cost of our service as a set-up fee.


Past that, your infrastructure will dictate what other products and services you require on a monthly/yearly basis to keep everything secure.


Lastly, optional extras such as cyber security training for your staff can be added, at an additional cost, to further protect your business from a cyber attack.

3rd Party Services

There will be some elements of pricing that are out of our control, i.e. Microsoft 365 licensing. Being a Microsoft partner, we are able to provide you with the licenses at cost, but equally, we are also happy to manage those licenses for you if you choose to purchase them direct.

There is no obligation to purchase licensing through Tribeca, the management of those licenses is covered by our overall support costs, and will be supported regardless.

This is true for any other licenses, not just Microsoft 365.

Other Services

There are also additional services that may increase your monthly bill, such as:


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