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Many businesses have been known to mitigate the risk of changing suppliers by simply staying with the same supplier, even if they are dissatisfied or underwhelmed with service. This is a risky strategy in itself, not only does this create more workload, unhappy teams and cost you more time, it puts your customers at risk and could damage long-standing client relationships.

We put a lot of emphasis on our onboarding and migration processes as they set the tone for developing a long-standing relationship with our clients. We put robust processes in place from the outset.

There are many different reasons to migrate and there are different levels of risks when migrating systems or support services as highlighted in one of our recent blogs – Why do businesses migrate their IT systems or support? 

We provide answers to all of these risks and use a tried and tested process across 4-weeks with clear accountabilities.

In this video, Dave Florey, Head of Professional Services at Tribeca, explains our robust process in more detail and read on to understand the importance and time we put into the migration process. Rest assured we’ll mitigate the risk for you wherever we can.

The Tribeca Onboarding Process

The ‘Discovery Phase’ starts the process of onboarding our clients. You will be introduced to our dedicated onboarding team to start building that important relationship and outline the preferred communication channels. As our investigations start, we ask for an introduction to your previous provider and send an ‘Information Request Form’ with the aim of gathering all the relevant information by the end of week one or two.

By week two we aim to commence the “Audit Phase” which helps identify any gaps in the information provided. There are four key elements that we focus on at this point:

  • Onsite audit
  • Checking credentials
  • Populate Tribeca systems
  • Commission monitoring 

Week three will see all information gathering completed and internal checks will be carried out to ensure we have everything we need, and all of our systems are fully populated.

The focus of week four will then be to coordinate a “Support Handover” with the end-users and your old provider; at which point passwords are reset and access is revoked. We will provide and discuss a “Findings and Recommendations” report that will explain everything we have found and any recommendations that may benefit the client.

We know how important communication is and throughout the onboarding, we will update you with progress reports containing issue logs and relevant timeframes. This gives you all you need to have peace of mind and enough detail that you are informed but don’t have to invest too much of your own precious time. On top of this, we offer weekly update calls should you want them.

The Migration Process

The migration process runs in tandem with the other onboarding phases from as early as week one. We start the “Set-up Phase” by arranging any commercial agreements, obtaining access to existing accounts and configuring any new accounts. The aim is to have that completed by the end of week two.

During this time as we are undergoing discovery and auditing, we will understand any red-flag items that need further discussion. The dedicated Project Manager will call a meeting to review the red flag items and discuss any necessary or desired remediation.

The ‘Migration Phase’ in weeks three and four will see the completion of any technical migration work that is required. This could be anything from migrating servers away from your old provider to migrating emails into the cloud. We understand that technical migrations could have an impact on your business; they are meticulously planned, and we always coordinate any downtime with our clients.

We Understand the Importance of Time

Understanding that response times are vital in this sector, during the onboarding stage, we also aim to put call answer time, first response via email and time until fixed targets in place with the support team. These targets are then reviewed to ensure that they are meeting your expectations.

As we are a global IT partner, with extensive experience in the financial sector, we understand the unique requirements of financial services businesses. Enabling business growth, we provide 24/7 access to our experienced service desk and pride ourselves on having a ‘6 seconds’ average call answer time. 

We also have a critical alert process with auto-escalation to senior management of Tribeca for your most critical systems. We invest time in onboarding, migrating and providing a bespoke service tailored to our client’s needs.

For more information on how we can help you save time get in touch.


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