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“How much is IT support for my business?” We’ve answered this question hundreds of times over the past 18 years. 

If you’re an alternative investment company; hedge fund, private equity, asset management, or similar, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to your IT support needs.

We pride ourselves on being an IT partner that takes an honest and open approach to pricing.

Our clients benefit from predictable monthly billing to cover all the IT support they need, with no usage caps or hidden costs.

This short video summarises our value for money IT services. 

How is IT support different for alternative investment? 

As an alternative investment company, you have an added responsibility around compliance and regulatory pressures, often dealing with large volumes of transactions and customer data. It therefore stands to reason that your IT support needs will differ significantly from other industries. 

Here at Tribeca, we’ve built our reputation as an MSP with a deep understanding of the procurement, licensing, infrastructure, hosting, and all other requirements of the alternative investment sector.  

We are continuously updating our skills and knowledge to keep on top of the latest developments in technology to be able to inform our clients as a true partner would. 

What are the different IT costs related to support? 

We always fit our solutions to your individual needs. Some of the factors we look at include the number of users and offices you have, your infrastructure, how much on-site support you need, your licensing requirements, or anything else that’s particularly important to you. For example: 

  • Number of users: It makes sense that the more users you have, the higher your IT costs, as the volume of work increases.  This work isnt just reactive support, it is also pro-actively monitoring things like device health and securing the user from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Number of servers/services: Another major factor is the number of servers or services you’re using — since we monitor each server 24/7/365 to ensure everything’s running smoothly as well as taking ownership of the security of these.  
  • Number of offices: Because each office has its own connectivity, configuration, and devices, we need to dedicate resources to ensure everything works effectively at each location, and that your offices can communicate with each other seamlessly.
  • On-site time: As an IT partner and MSP, on-site time is one of the pillars of our service offering. It’s instrumental in ensuring we continue to deliver a world class service, which is why we typically recommend a minimum of four hours’ on-site time per month. This gives your staff the chance to raise any teething issues with a familiar face. We’ve built much of our reputation on the face-to-face relationships our engineers have with our clients, giving us the opportunity to understand how your business works and what’s needed at the ground level.
  • Hosting & licences: You can choose to host your systems within our private cloud, in which case your IT pricing will be influenced by factors such as your data footprint, licensing requirements, and frequency of backups. We can also procure third party licences for you (as an approved Partner for the vendors you would expect) at an additional cost but the management of these licences is included in our support packages at no extra cost.
  • Additional services: Cyber security is, of course, a top priority. Any upgrades which your infrastructure initially requires will impact on any set-up fee. Other recurring costs (monthly or yearly) will be associated with the software and services you need to keep your infrastructure secure. 

In summary, the more we understand about you and your business — and the more we know what you expect from us — the more accurate our IT pricing can be. 

How does Tribeca provide value for money IT services? 

  • 24/7 support — As a hedge fund, private equity, asset management, family office or similar firm, you already understand how crucial it is to have round-the-clock, first-class support at hand — from a real engineer, not a chatbot. That’s why we provide “follow-the-sun” IT support from our offices in London, New York, and Hong Kong where all staff are employed by Tribeca. We’ve targeted our service desk to answer all calls within six seconds. Plus, we offer a contractual guarantee to respond to your critical issues on site within two hours during core business hours.
  • We’re proactive — We’re proactive in identifying issues before they become bigger and more expensive to fix. Which is why we value our on-site floor-walk so much, because they give us the opportunity to hear firsthand about teething issues you may be having.
  • Technology expertise — We continuously update our skills and knowledge in a wide range of technologies and services, including digital transformation, cloud computing, network design, disaster recovery, cyber security, and project management.
  • Financial sector expertise — Last, but not least, our team led by MD Mark Instance, a former Head of IT for a large global hedge fund, has been supporting hedge funds, private equity, asset management, and alternative investment firms as a true IT partner since 2006. We’ve won numerous accolades recognising our achievements, including Best Cyber Security Provider, Best Managed Service Provider plus many more. 

If you’d like to move forward with your business IT, speak with one of our team to discuss your circumstances and how we can help. 

Get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat about the cost of a monthly support package for your business. 


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