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In today’s ever changing world, business owners are constantly searching for new ways to elevate, expand and improve their company, whether that be through the services they provide or the way their business is run. The term ‘digital transformation’ is a phrase used a lot but many business owners aren’t sure what that means in relation to their own company. 


So, what does digital transformation mean? Digital transformation is the broad term to describe a business’ move towards fully integrating digital technology into all business areas, from operations to HR. It is important to understand that all digital business transformations look different, but could involve technological solutions such as cloud computing and encryption. You can find out more about what digital transformation is in our recent blog which covers everything you need to know, from how it has been affected by the pandemic to what it could look like for your business.


You might be questioning, why is digital transformation important to your business? Well, digital business transformation has been around for a number of years, but has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has increased the speed at which alternative investment businesses have moved forward with their digital transformation. This is because of the increased demand for remote working security and the removal of dependencies on offices and hardware. In order to minimise security threats and maximise efficiency, your business should consider undergoing digital transformation.

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    At Tribeca, we can support and advise your own alternative investment business.  We have more than fifteen years of experience in supporting businesses with strategizing, integrating and implementating technology solutions.  We are committed to working with you to improve business security and efficiency.  Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can support you with bespoke IT support solutions.

    Focus on managing your core business whilst we handle your IT requirements with our fully managed service
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    How Digital Business Transformation Provides Remote Working Security

    One of the biggest benefits of digital transformation is the remote working security it can provide companies. It can give your employees the ability to work from anywhere with the confidence that they will be able to maintain business security. With remote working security being one of the highest priorities for any business at present, we have put together some helpful tips for upholding business security for employees and employers while remote working. There are many technologies which can support digital transformation to help your alternative investment business maintain remote working security, such as: 

    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Endpoint Protection

    An example of a digital transformation project would be moving from a traditional on premise file server to a cloud based solution such as OneDrive or Egnyte.  In doing so you provide more functionality for accessing the same data from outside of the office and from other platforms – such as mobile devices etc…  It can also provide additional functionality such as offline files or integration with other products such as Instant Messaging.


    You can learn more about the cyber security services and solutions we offer to help ensure your teams who are remote working remain secure.


    Business Efficiency after Digital Transformation

    Alongside remote working security, one of the benefits of digital transformation is the enhanced business efficiency that comes as a result. By having a strong digital transformation strategy, your business will be able to improve its productivity and, therefore, increase growth.


    Digital business transformation can also remove dependencies on hardware, with the aim of making processes much quicker, more streamlined and cheaper. By transforming on-premise infrastructure your business will become more flexible, whether that is through remote working, office-based working or a hybrid working model.


    By removing dependencies on hardware, digital business transformation also gives you the ability to centralise and unify your offices to use the same software and procedures, particularly if your offices are in different countries. This increases efficiency and improves business security simultaneously!


    Additionally solutions can also remove dependencies on office space by potentially offering a unique opportunity for you to downsize and invest your money in other business areas. In doing so, you will be able to focus on employee and customer satisfaction, and boosting profits.

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    How Tribeca Can Support Your Digital Transformation

    The number of businesses undergoing digital transformation is growing rapidly and you should be looking to digitally transform too. Benefits of digital transformation are limitless, from remote working security right through to business efficiency!



    At Tribeca, we can offer your alternative investment business bespoke digital transformation services, tailored to your security needs. Tribeca can advise on whether it is right for your business by helping you weigh up the pros and cons.



    If you decide to undergo digital business transformation, we can offer guidance on solutions to improve security and efficiency, including:

    • Cyber Security – multi-factor authentication, ensuring data can’t be accessed if a device is lost, and active directory services

    You can find out more about implementing a digital transformation strategy and what it could mean for your business by reading our recent blog. If you are an alternative investment business, contact us today to find out more about how we can support your digital business transformation.


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