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Digital & IT Security

Cyber Security is vital to protect the assets of a business. The Alternative Investment sector is a prime target for cyber criminals. With access to large amounts of capital and market-sensitive information, a breach can be very lucrative for a cyber criminal; and costly to a business.


At Tribeca, your cyber security is our top priority. We work hard to ensure that your critical digital information and assets are protected against both external and internal threats. We utilise the latest technology to keep your business safe, we also provide training on cyber security to your teams and ongoing end-user testing to ensure the training is effective and robust plans are put in place should there be a breach in your IT and digital security. We partner with other leading firms who are experts in their field and can provide penetration testing services right through to full red team testing. By combining our expertise we can strengthen our information security services and provide your business with the very best cyber security support, training and consultation to defend against the breach of important and sensitive information.

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    ‘Cyber fraud is growing and the barriers to entry for this are lowering on an almost daily basis’

    – British Security Minister, Ben Wallace

    Focus on managing your core business whilst we handle your IT requirements with our fully managed service
    Access to engineers with a diverse range of training and high level of expertise
    Tribeca ensure the ongoing operation of your systems, and understand their importance to your business
    We guarantee to reduce your IT overheads including third party providers
    Our solutions and technology give you the freedom to change service providers at will; so we make sure our service and pricing is always better than the competition

    Cyber Security Services

    At Tribeca, we provide a variety of cyber security services and leading solutions to protect your business from cyber attacks including advanced technologies and ongoing technical support to in-house training for you and your teams.

    We use a variety of technologies to keep your business safe, including but not limited to:

    • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Endpoint Protection
    • Email Security
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Encryption
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Latest Firewall Security
    • Data Leak Prevention
    • Web Filtering

    Depending on the needs and security requirements of your business, we can tailor a service to suit you. It is highly lucrative to protect your sensitive digital data and we understand that not everyone in your business will understand best practices to ensure that data cannot be breached by people outside of the company. With this in mind, in addition to implementing best in class technology to keep your business secure, we can provide a training service to educate your staff on the steps required to ensure that the business is fully protected from cyber threats. We conduct easy-to-digest training to provide information relevant to your business needs.


    It is vitally important to train your team on the threat landscape and provide techniques they can use to mitigate the risks posed to your business. A recent study showed that over 90% of successful cyber-attacks stemmed from action by an end-user within the business, whether that be clicking on a malicious link or credential compromise from a phishing email. Educating and empowering your team to recognise these threats will in turn further protect your business from an attack.


    Cyber Security Consulting

    It is estimated that cyber crimes are costing the UK over £190bn a year. At Tribeca, we focus on understanding your business and provide a cyber security consulting service led by one of our cyber security experts.

    We will get to know the ins and outs of your business and gain an understanding of how we can best structure our services to help protect your sensitive IT and digital data from theft. The consultation is an important part of the process and we would highly recommend cyber consulting in order to fully and successfully manage your investment in cyber security to ensure the protection of your data.

    Cyber Security Management

    Tribeca assists clients with building their cyber security management program by helping to define which technologies a business has in place to prevent a cyber attack and reduce the risk of sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. As well as education through our cyber security training services, this also includes testing programs that are already in place.


    We help businesses to construct a Cyber Security Incident Response Team in-house to help form front line protection against cyber attacks. This response team will help define and manage the key roles and responsibilities within the business so in the event of an incident everyone knows their role and the actions that need to be taken. This in collaboration with an established communication chain which will help to quickly identify a breach of information and prevent the loss of sensitive data. For years, regulated businesses have had clearly defined and well-structured business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place and now a cyber security incident response plan is an important prerequisite.


    Our management services will help to protect your business from future IT and Data security threats.  Due to our extensive experience in this field we are often asked for advise on cyber security and recently our Managing Director, Mark Instance, gave some great tips in this article – 5 tips for SME cyber-resilience.

    Cyber Security Strategy Specialist

    Our specialists can produce a clear cyber security strategy to help your business create a plan of action to strengthen your IT and data security. 

    We have carried out many cyber security assessments for firms within the Alternative Investment sector.


    This assessment will highlight what measures are currently in place, compared to industry best practices and where there are potential areas for improvement.


    The assessment will not only look at the technology in place but also the policies and procedures in place within the firm. Finally, the assessment also includes a vulnerability scan against your network to ensure that any vulnerabilities can be remediated

    Following this assessment process, our cyber security specialists will help you to put together a clear strategy to help increase your cyber security.

    Choosing Your Cyber Security Company

    Choosing your cyber security company is an important aspect of the infrastructure to ensure the protection of your security. We have years of experience and excellent feedback from all of our clients from a range of industries that we specialise in within the alternative investment sector, including Hedge Fund and Private Equity firms.


    we are a leading managed service provider and our tailored cyber security service is offered as part of a number of our packages. If you are worried about your firm’s cyber security, please get in touch with Tribeca today to see how one of our package solutions can benefit your business and protect it from cyber threats.


    You can increase your knowledge further by downloading our whitepaper on cyber security.


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