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Working with South East Business, Tribeca’s Managing Director Mark Instance, has been advising on various IT related topics.  The most recent article addresses how businesses should respond following a data breach.

With cyber-attacks now a question of when rather than if, ensuring that you have the right cyber security strategy in place is important.  As highlighted in one of our recent blogs Tribeca’s approach to cyber security is multi-layered and robust.

But, what do you do after an attack that has led to a data breach?

With extensive experience in IT delivery for businesses of all sizes in the financial sector, Mark told South East Business, that having a robust IT security mechanism in place is vital and ultimately in your best interest in the long run.

Containing the data breach and isolating any infected systems should also be a priority and will help to stop the spread.  

It’s also really important to understand how the breach transpired as with this information you can restore systems and avoid any further breaches from happening.

Click here to read the full article and understand more about how your business should respond to a data breach.  


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