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Recently, Tribeca was acknowledged by Inspire Schools for our contribution to the Kent Literacy Awards. We’re now in our second year of supporting the project, which showcases schools initiatives designed to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. As part of our involvement, we help judge awards entries from 60 schools and make donations to their pupils’ libraries.

The schools’ entries include themed writing styles and improved teaching methods to help engage pupils and increase their reading time. Some of the schemes are aimed at fundraising to generate an additional budget for book corners and school libraries.

As a knowledge-based business, we’re committed long-term to encouraging and supporting learning. The literacy awards involve us with pupils at the early stages of school, and when they eventually graduate from the sixth form, they can join us as apprentices.

Working with clients like ours gives us the opportunity to help others across the world in many ways, such as making Buy1Give1 donations. The 265,000 giving impacts we’ve generated have allowed us to contribute to projects that provide education, clean water and food to impoverished environments all around the world.

Our Partnership Award arrives hot on the heels of our recent Employer of the Year award and inclusion within KEiBA’s MegaGrowth 50 as the fastest growing IT MSP for the second year.


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