Hedge Fund Cyber Security

It’s no secret that Investment Funds are becoming prime targets for cyber-attacks. That’s why at Tribeca, the safety and security of your business remains a top priority.


With over 60-years combined experience in providing world-class cyber security and Hedge Fund IT support, we’re confident Tribeca’s expertise will defend your investments and funds from cybercrime. 

To do this, Tribeca offers a range of Hedge Fund cyber security solutions that will protect your investments from both internal and external threats.

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    Cyber Risks to Hedge Funds

    The cyber risks to Hedge Funds are everywhere. Whether it’s through viruses and spyware, spear-phishing attacks, or unauthorised access to networks, businesses that fall victim to cyber-attacks can face astronomical consequences. 


    According to the BBC, more than half of British financial firms reported cyber-attacks in 2019, with the cost of the breaches surging by 61%. In the same year, Forbes revealed that cybercriminals deploy 25% of all malware attacks on the financial sector. 


    For us at Tribeca, the most effective way to protect your Hedge Fund business from cybercrime is to invest in cyber security and end-user training. This will significantly reduce the chances of a cyber-security breach, as well as ensuring the appropriate measures are in place to lessen the impacts of any violations. 


    It will also guarantee that your company resolves issues swiftly, as well as ensuring your business is compliant with the latest Financial Services regulations. This will undoubtedly maintain your client’s trust in your firm and the security of their investments.

    Why Tribeca?

    At Tribeca, we work hard to ensure your business stays exempt from the cybercrime statistics by offering robust technology solutions that protect your Hedge Fund from both internal and external threats. These include:

    • FundCloud
    • Multi-factor Authentication 
    • Web Filtering
    • Encryption 
    • Data Leak Protection
    • End-User Training
    • Phishing Testing
    • Dark Web Scanning
    • Endpoint Protection (Enterprise Grade)
    • Penetration testing

    Tribeca also offers: 

    • Clear, detailed and concise monthly reporting, so that you can keep on top of your cyber-security. 
    • Cyber-security audits to reveal any potential gaps or weaknesses within your firm’s existing security.

    Worried About Your Hedge Fund Cyber Security?

    As a Hedge Fund, it’s natural to want to protect your client’s investments and information. But if this is something that worries you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tribeca today — we’re here to help. 


    With over 60-years combined experience in cyber-security investments, we’re confident that our up-to-date knowledge of the latest Hedge Fund technology will defend your business investments from harm. 


    We’ll perform a Hedge Fund cyber security audit to discover any vulnerabilities within your firm’s existing cyber-security practices, and we’ll be quick to remediate them. With Tribeca, you can rest assured that your Hedge Fund’s cyber-security is always in our best interest.


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