Office Moves

We manage everything, from logistics to connectivity

Focus on managing your core business whilst we handle your IT requirements with our fully managed service
Access to engineers with a diverse range of training and high level of expertise
Tribeca ensure the ongoing operation of your systems, and understand their importance to your business
We guarantee to reduce your IT overheads including third party providers
Our solutions and technology give you the freedom to change service providers at will; so we make sure our service and pricing is always better than the competition

We will keep your business online

You will leave your current office on a Friday and arrive at your new office on the Monday morning. You may notice a change in your commute, but you wont notice a change in your IT systems (unless you want one). You will be able to operate in the same way that you did before you left the office the previous week, right down to your phone being in the same place on your desk. That’s how we ensure our clients productivity isn’t impacted by an office move.


Tribeca have many years’ experience in helping clients relocate their businesses. We have a documented Project Plan that encompasses all of your IT environment to ensure a smooth transition from your existing office to your businesses new home.

Office move case study

A case study of a recent office move completed for a client. Their move was complicated by the proposed new location changing at short notice, however plans were adapted at short notice to ensure there was no interruption to their business.

On the move?

If you have an impending office move project – please get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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