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Moving offices can be stressful, not only are you moving your entire company but also thinking about how this will impact your employees, culture and office space! Whether you are reacting to the hybrid model after COVID or expanding your company, office relocation can be daunting. 

With more than 15-years of providing IT solutions, we know from experience that having the right IT partner is important, particularly when relocating your business. A professional IT relocation service like Tribeca are specialists in understanding how the IT infrastructure of your office can be moved seamlessly with minimal disruption. 

What We Can Do For You

Before you start your move, we can provide the following services:

  • Careful planning of your IT relocation with our Project Plan 
  • Make enquiries about your connectivity in your new premise to plan new connections 
  • Plan your arrival so you know where your desks, IT infrastructure, power ports, data cabling, phones etc will be. 
  • Make sure that the requirements for cabling, power and connectivity are prepared
  • Ensure that your server and networking infrastructure are setup
  • Testing checklist to ensure that your desktops, printers and files are integrated 
  • Assess what to leave behind! You might want to set up cloud hosting to replace your servers and get rid of old equipment.
  • Provide specialist engineers on move day to provide immediate assistance 

Whatever you need, Tribeca are specialists in office IT relocation to help you make this experience seamless.

Benefits of A Professional IT Relocation Service

Tribeca are highly experienced in managing office IT relocation. Our engineers are highly trained to ensure that all your IT infrastructure is exactly how you want it to be. We can match your office relocation to your requirements, or we can execute the entire move for your business. Not only will you be able to increase your productivity, but we will ensure that your IT office relocation does not impact you and your business. 

But why should you pick a professional IT relocation service like us?

Less Downtime

Our goal is for you to walk out of your previous office space at close of business on Friday, and arrive at your new office first thing Monday morning and be able to work immediately, in the same way as before.

Our process involves making sure the little things matter – so your desk phone will be in the same place on your new desk as it was in your previous office.  If you have any peripherals like a headset or a label printer, they will be setup and working in the same place as before.  All of these things help to ensure that you are as efficient as possible on day one.


A professional IT relocation service will not only move your IT equipment, but plan any integrations with your environment ahead of time.  If new connectivity is needed to access your cloud resources, this will be done and tested ahead of the move date.

A thorough testing plan will be designed and completed prior to your colleagues attending the office, so we can be as confident as possible that the new office and IT network is ready for you.


The security of your critical information and assets continues to be our top priority during an office move and we use a documented project plan that encompasses all of your IT environment. We operate with the strictest security, ensuring that everything is how it was before. With a professional IT relocation service, you don’t have to worry about any possible breaches. 

We can take care of the reconfiguration needed for your network equipment such as firewalls to ensure your files are safe.

Our Services

Are you thinking about moving offices? A professional Office IT Relocation Services can help you keep your business online, ensure that all your IT infrastructure is properly de-installed at your old office with the highest security to ensure that your files are intact. When moving into the new office, we can make sure that the network and infrastructure are in place for your staff.

With our experience and technical expertise, you can rest assured that all your IT equipment will be handled properly with care and fully functional. If you have an impending office move – please get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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