Why Alternative Investment companies need proactive IT support.

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Many IT managed service providers will tell you that they will add value to your business – but the big question is, exactly how?

As a bespoke IT company specialising in the Alternative Investment industry, Tribeca focuses on a proactive, collaborative approach across all of our teams which drives real business benefits.

We are acutely aware that a few minutes delay, at the wrong time or anytime can be costly, even if your business model isn’t based around trading. Our clients need an MSP that fully understands not only the financial and alternative investment sector but also the precise challenges facing their business, whether we’re talking about day-to-day operations or driving long-term growth.  Effective communication and teamwork are vital.

We’ve written this blog to provide some insight into how we benefit our clients as an IT partner.

1). The Professional Services Team

At Tribeca, we are meticulous about our onboarding and IT migration processes as they are the foundation for developing a trusted, long-standing partnership with our clients. Our processes are as seamless, stress-free and as low risk as possible – we can typically complete the support handover within four weeks with a minimum of fuss or disruption – and this is thanks to the considerable expertise and industry knowledge of our in-house Professional Services Team under Head of Professional Services Dave Florey.

Our dedicated Professional Services Team are in charge of managing projects for clients to ensure they are efficiently and successfully delivered on time and on budget; they always have one eye on the bottom line.

2). The Engineering Team

Our Engineering Team, which includes the Service Desk, is the prime point of contact when our clients are dealing with any IT issue. Whether the request is routine or a high priority cyber security breach, the Tribeca Service Desk is available 24/7 via calls, emails and our portal, and we pride ourselves on a 6-seconds average call answer time.

We offer a contract guarantee that we will respond and be on site within two hours for any business-critical events (during core hours). We also have an alert process with auto-escalation to Tribeca senior management for your most critical systems.

Our Service Desk Team are all Tribeca employees. As an in-house IT team who either work next to each other or are well versed in timely communication wherever they are in the world, they can easily collaborate and review issues, so that our clients get a speedy response.

To gain further insight into the work of our IT teams, watch this short video featuring Jason Goodwin, our Service Desk Manager, Jordan, the Team Lead, and two of our engineers Carl and Kieran.

3). The Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team has a wealth of experience in the Alternative Investment sector, which is reflected in the way we deliver all of our services, from cyber security to software development, office moves to digital transformation.

Founded in 2006 by Managing Director Mark Instance, previously the Head of IT for a large global Hedge Fund, Tribeca represents over 40 years of combined managerial financial sector experience, which we leverage to develop customised technology solutions for Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Private Equity and Family Offices.

The expertise of our Leadership Team is reflected in the way we select, nurture and train our employees to optimise their diverse skill sets and to appreciate the specific requirements of each client.

You can read about Mark’s views on some of the issues facing businesses in the Alternative Investment sector here.

4). The Sales Team

Headed by our Global Sales Manager Luke Francis, Tribeca’s Sales Team has a diverse range of experience across the sales, technology and financial services fields which enables them to deliver a seamless consultative experience to our existing and prospective clients.

They take the time to genuinely listen and fully understand the challenges and pain-points facing individual businesses, so they can advise on the best and most cost-effective IT support solution to suit your needs.

5). A Supportive, Inclusive Culture

Our collaborative approach to business is a core theme at Tribeca across our global workforce of more than 70 people, including behind-the-scenes teams such as HR, Accounts, Procurement, Development and Training, which ensure our IT teams are able to continue to provide the highest quality of IT support. We foster a supportive, inclusive culture through initiatives such as regular social events, participation in charity fundraisers, support services such as confidential counselling, and a running club to encourage our head office staff to take time away from their desks.

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