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What if, by this time next month, you could completely migrate your IT services to a new partner with minimum fuss or disruption to your business?

Many businesses in the financial sector put up with an MSP they are dissatisfied with because they are worried about the time and effort required to move or migrate systems. However, handled properly, improving IT does not need to have a major impact on your day-to-day business and can be achieved with minimal, if any, downtime.

At Tribeca, we put a lot of emphasis on our onboarding and IT migration processes as they set the tone for developing a trusted, long-standing partnership with our clients. As technology specialists in the Alternative Investment industry, we’re well aware of how critical it is that the work is done quickly, seamlessly, and with minimum interruption to business-as-usual. We are fortunate that with our global presence we are able to complete impacting tasks out of hours.

We have developed a tried and tested process, with clear accountability and progress updates, which enables our clients to be involved as much or as little as they like.

There are two main stages of the process, the Onboarding Discovery Phase and the Onboarding Migration Phase, which Dave Florey, Head of Professional Services at Tribeca, outlines in the short video below.

Here is a summary:

Onboarding Discovery Phase.

You will be introduced to our dedicated IT onboarding team. We will speak to your existing support provider, and your internal IT team (if you have one), to discover all we need to provide a good level of service for your business.

Our thorough IT onboarding audit will help identify any gaps in the information provided. This is a crucial part of the process to ensure the security and efficiency of your IT systems going forward. During a recent audit for a client, our team found two servers which had been left entirely vulnerable to security breaches by the previous MSP, so made the changes required to lock down access.

Onboarding Migration Phase.

This phase runs in tandem with the Discovery Phase from as early as week one. Tribeca will put together a robust plan on how to migrate any services that need to be migrated, establish relationships with third party vendors, and establish all of the escalation services we need to provide you with a good level of service. If you utilise the public cloud a migration is now much more of an admin task as the data itself does not actually move, just the ownership or billing of the licenses

Our technical migrations are meticulously planned to minimise the impact on your business. As we are a global IT partner, with extensive experience in the financial sector and the Alternative Investment sector in particular, we understand the unique requirements of financial services businesses. We provide 24/7 access to our experienced service desk and pride ourselves on having a ‘6 seconds’ average call answer time. We also have a critical alert process with auto-escalation to Tribeca senior management for your most critical systems.

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about switching to a new IT partner (also covered in the video above):

  • What if our current provider is resistant to handing over information?

You may be surprised but we do tend to find out that they are very open to helping us when onboarding a new client. However, if we do find that we are in a position where they’re not giving us the information that we need, Tribeca have a lot of processes and procedures in place so that we can tackle even the most difficult types of IT onboarding within defined timeframes.

  • We have a lot of staff working remotely, at different hours, and in different regions. How can we ensure all our staff are included?

This is very common in the current working world and we have a 24/7 service desk that is available to carry out that work, speak to the users and speak to the providers whenever or wherever necessary.

  • We have a looming deadline and can’t afford downtime. What assurance can you give us that we won’t have any disruptions?

You may have a hard deadline that needs to be hit. You may have a contract that’s up for renewal or a contract that you want to cancel. Depending on the type of migration, we target four to six weeks and we tend to find this window ensures we are able to hit those deadlines and that any issues are resolved with little or no disruption.

  • How much involvement is required from the client side?

As little or as much as you like. We do ask that there’s an initial kick-off call whereby we can introduce all of the relevant parties. We also offer at least one meeting a week so we can update you on how the IT onboarding is going and the progress we’ve made. It gives the onboarding engineer an opportunity to raise any concerns and advise you on anything that should be addressed immediately.

There’s a lot involved in a migration but we do feel that we set our clients at ease,” explains Dave Florey. “We feel that we have a pretty good process in place and we feel very confident that we can onboard a client successfully and in good time.”

Our clients agree. Barbara Maluska, Finance Director at Volpi Capital, described our onboarding process as “surprisingly very easy, it was a very smooth process that went really well. We were kept informed throughout and pleased to say that there were not any issues at all.” Another client said: “Our IT was previously hosted and supported in Switzerland. Tribeca’s on-boarding team executed a seamless migration to the Public Cloud and set us up with our own independent IT infrastructure for our new London office. They were responsive, experienced and friendly, and I was thoroughly impressed with the way they handled the whole process for us.”

If you’re looking for a new IT partner or considering a migration, we would be happy to help. Get in touch for an obligation-free chat or find out about how we price our services.


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