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At Tribeca, in anticipation of the lockdown being lifted, we have started to plan and assess the impact this will have on our business.  The most crucial aspect of that plan is the understanding that we still have a duty to protect our teams and to ensure that we continue to provide the best service to our clients.

With this in mind, and without knowing the exact measures different countries and governments intend to take, we want to ensure, wherever possible, that we continue to practice social distancing and other recommended measures. Within our UK offices, we have separated our business into three teams; we have our on-site team who work out of the London office, who are relatively insulated against each other, as they spend most of their time at different client sites.  We also have a ‘red’ team and a ‘blue’ team – each department having staff distributed between these.  Therefore, moving forward, it is our approach that we only have one of those teams in the office at any one time.  

This will, in turn,  enable us to observe the 2-metre rule whilst team members are sitting at their desks, with the persons sat directly in front of somebody and to their left or right assigned to the opposing team.  The cleaning of our offices will also be increased during weekend periods to ensure that all commonly touched surfaces are wiped down, including all desks, keyboards, mice, screens,  telephones, and so on.  This would enable the alternative team to come into the office the following week, safe in the knowledge that they are entering a safe and clean environment.

We believe this strategy, working in conjunction with others, will allow us to get staff back into the office as soon as we can.  Although working from home has worked incredibly well and better than we perhaps initially thought, the feedback from our teams is overwhelming that they prefer working in the office.  We believe this approach also reduces the very real risk of large-scale absences from any individual team within the business, whilst also working to ensure we can get our teams returning to the office as soon as possible. We are confident that with this approach we can continue to provide the level of service that our clients expect.  


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