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We often get asked by our prospective clients the following question; “How technical are your engineers?”

Our support engineers are all highly skilled and are split across three tiers to align with their level of knowledge and experience. For a better understanding, these tiers are:

  • First line team
  • Second Line team
  • Third line team

Each type of technical engineer requires different skills

First Line Engineers

Our first line team of technical engineers are the first point of contact for most client issues. Engineers within this team will generally have a couple of years of experience, as a minimum, and will be proficient in desktop support and server administration. Our first line team aren’t employed to simply log a client ticket, they are there to resolve client problems with a current success rate of resolving approximately 55% of all client incidents/requests.

At Tribeca, we have a technical training syllabus that each engineer will finish during their first six months with the company. In addition to that, we are an ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) aligned service desk so engineers across the team are also trained in the ITIL framework.

Second Line Engineers

Our second Line team are more experienced engineers and tend to perform a lot of the site visits to our client offices. Generally, technical support engineers on this team will have anywhere from four to ten years of experience working within an IT support environment.

Third Line Engineers

Our third line engineers are our most senior technical support team and will have a minimum of eight years experience in the industry. This team is the ultimate point of escalation for any technical issue for a client. Engineers on this team will undergo vendor-led training on an annual basis in some of the core technologies that our clients use. This ranges from Microsoft to Fortinet to Cisco or any other third-party providers.  

What other areas of support do Tribeca offer?

As well as our three tiers of support, we also have a separate dedicated professional service and security team who work on client projects and security, respectively. All of our professional services team undergo PRINCE2 training and technical support engineers joining the security team will partake in various security-related training courses.

The importance of Teamwork

Although we have our separate tiers and teams detailed above, all of our teams work very closely together with issues being escalated between them. This ensures that tickets are resolved as fast as possible by the correct team. It’s common for more senior members of the team to help a first or second-line colleague resolve an issue for a client and then run through what the root cause of the problem was. They’ll then learn how they can fix it if the issue occurs again in future, making our first and second-line teams more technically skilled and highly efficient.

Furthermore, during the induction process for any new team member, they spend time with every department within the business, to understand the different roles and how each team works.

Education, Education, Education!

One of our core values as a business is education; we want everyone to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We do everything we can to ensure that each member of the team has access to the resources they require to educate themselves. 

As a service based business, we are acutely aware that our “product” is our people. Therefore, it is in the interests of our business and our clients to ensure our teams are highly qualified.

We have a full-time trainer whose sole responsibility is to facilitate learning within our business. They spend time developing courses for individual teams to ensure that each team member has the same base knowledge as their peers. For our technical teams, the courses will address any trends that we see in tickets or based on a client’s purchase of new hardware and software, as well as development for career progression.

Everyone who works within the business has an annual training budget that they can spend on education. They can choose to spend that on online platforms, classroom-based courses, or hardware and software for self-learning.  We actively encourage all members of staff to use this each year to aid them in their career progression, as well as self-development.


We understand that when our clients have a problem with their IT, it impacts their productivity and efficiency. Therefore, our technical engineers work hard to resolve problems as quickly as we possibly can. All of our team members have a KPI to answer the support telephone line within 6 seconds.  

One key weapon in our armoury is how well trained our engineers are. That’s why we focus on ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to better educate themselves and their peers.  

Find more information on how our team of skilled engineers and technical support teams can help you and your IT issues by getting in touch today.

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