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We’ve always prided ourselves on being open and honest about how much our services cost.  So much so we have a website page, video and blog dedicated to highlighting our approach to pricing.

But what is slightly less tangible to demonstrate is the value we bring. 

There are a number of reasons that we win different contracts with clients in the alternative investment sector and more often than not it is not down to one single thing but many factors that show our overall value and real reasons to change your IT support to us. For example:

Response Times:

Nobody likes to have to wait to long for anything nowadays but when it comes to an IT issue when working in the financial sector, waiting too long can be very costly and can have a poor reflection on your own customer service standards.

To ensure that this isn’t the case and that your business can continue to thrive, we ensure that any IT issue is addressed quickly and in a competent manner.

For example, over the last 12 months our average support call response time was 8.1 seconds.  We also monitor our response to email requests and again over the last 12 months our average support email response time was 17 minutes and 19 seconds.

Of course, we continuously aim to improve on these timings!

Adopting a 24/7 follow the sun approach:

Particularly in the AIM sector, a 24/7 follow the sun approach is key.  Most businesses in this sector will have multiple office locations across different countries, or at the very least don’t work a standard Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

However, our 24/7 support model is beneficial for businesses of all sizes and with the risks of a cyber attack increasing and costing the UK alone more than £190bn a year, no matter the size of your business you need to be protected, all of the time, even when you are sleeping.

Watch this short video to find out more about the many benefits of adopting this approach, no matter the size of the business.

Working with fulltime employees and inhouse engineers:

All of our engineers are full time employees, we don’t use contractors. 

We have built our business in this way as we know from experience that by nurturing talent and providing continuous training and support, we are not only allowing for career progression but also consistency and a comprehensive experience for our clients.

Whether being an extension of your team, or being your sole IT resource, we have the skill set internally to manage either working model.

Client onboarding approach:

Like all of the teams at Tribeca the professional services team always go above and beyond, and this approach starts at the very beginning of a new partnership with a client, during the onboarding process.

This process allows the team to quickly get to grips with how a client operates but the team also use this time to produce a comprehensive ‘findings and recommendations’ document based on the teams extensive experience of working with businesses in the financial sector.

With this broad experience they will tailor the recommendations, considering the need for extremely tight security that mainly applies to alternative investment businesses.  For example: an outage for a business in this sector can be a major issue, and we base our recommendations on this knowledge and not just a generic perspective.

The onboarding team also work with our full time in house trainer to deliver training on your business and your IT systems to our Service Desk team prior to us taking over your support.  This means that from the very first phone call you make to our team, they already have an understanding of your business.

We also understand the importance of holding site visits during the onboarding process.  By taking the time to walk the floor, talking to employees about their issues and getting a full overview the team can take an immediate proactive and realistic approach to what IT support is needed.

Again, based on in-depth knowledge of the financial sector we understand the market, new trends, and suggest improvements that help each business improve rather than just fix the problems/issues.

The professional services team are also the team who plan and implement major changes or improvement projects.  As they have managed the onboarding process, they are well placed to enable a smooth transition between projects and business needs.

As highlighted above our engineers work full time and in-house, sitting next to the professional services team, meaning that we can quickly transition from onboarding to support.  By spending time together, talking about each client, ensures that everyone has a good understanding of what it is that we as a team need to put in place to support their growth.

Does that show our value?

Considering all the above, the experience we hold in the business, the continuous training that we offer our employees, and our knowledge of the developing technology market means that we are excellent value for money.

To find out about how we can help your business grow, contact us today.


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