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We are often asked – How much does Tribeca’s IT support cost?  As highlighted in our previous blog this is not a straight forward question to answer as there are a number of variables to consider but we don’t stray from our core principle which is to take an open and honest approach and to give our clients a fixed monthly fee. 

This monthly fee includes all remote support needed which yes will differ by type of financial business but there will never be any usage caps or hidden costs.

Every pricing solution that we offer is tailor-made to each client’s needs and the more we understand about your brief and expected service the more accurate price we can give you.

A comprehensive client brief should incorporate all variables including the number of users, quantity of on-site time needed, number of servers, type of infrastructure and security requirements, including existing and desired level of cyber security.

Watch our latest video to see an example of how we price:

Pricing Approach Example

The example in this video is based on a:

  • Financial firm based in London.
  • 10 users.
  • Half a day of pro-active on-site time per month.
  • 2-hour on-site response to critical events.

Based on this information and a greater understanding of the business needs for this example we provided a monthly pricing package of £1,400 – £1,750*

The more we understand of your overall brief and expected service from your IT partner the better a price we can give you but optional extras such as cyber security training for your employees can easily be added to further protect your business from a cyber-attack.

Being transparent about our pricing approach from the beginning of a relationship ensures that expectations are met and is a key part of what makes our service as good as it is. 

Get in touch with us to today to discuss your ideal pricing plan or visit our dedicated pricing page for more information.

*These are examples of Tribeca’s support costs only.  Private cloud hosting and back-up costs depend mainly on capacity so have not been included in the scenario.  No licensing is included as this will vary heavily from one firm to the next and isn’t typically a huge variable from one provider to another.


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