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Getting to the bottom of what’s covered and what’s not in your business IT support package can be challenging. It’s not uncommon to discover that you’re paying through the nose for services that you don’t want or need, or that you are not getting some of the services that you thought you were.

At a time when all businesses are trying to protect costs, it’s crucial that you know exactly what you are paying your IT partner or MSP for.

At Tribeca, we are committed to being as open and transparent about our pricing as we possibly can. We don’t see the point of hiding the devil in the detail; we would rather start our relationship with our customers in the Alternative Investment and Financial Sector by providing a solid understanding of how we calculate your monthly bill. That’s why we created a dedicated pricing page on our website.

All of our pricing solutions are based around a fixed monthly rate, with no usage caps or hidden costs. Cost is based on number of users, not number of devices.

You can find out more about how we price IT costs in our previous blog.

These are some of the reasons Tribeca’s IT support packages are a cut above:  

1). Unlimited 24/7 IT Support
Whether you’re dealing with markets at the other side of the world or the other side of London, you rely on your IT partner to ensure you can work efficiently at any time of day and night. Even if you don’t require support 24/7, our round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring system ensures we stay on top of issues and solve them as quickly as possible whenever they arise keeping your IT systems safe and secure. Our IT service includes:

  • Unlimited Service Desk support 24/7 via calls, emails and our portal.
  • No cap on how many tickets you can submit a month.
  • A contract guarantee that we will respond and be on site within two hours for any business-critical events (during core hours).
  • Security-first, flexible WFH support.

2). Pro-active IT Support
At Tribeca, we don’t wait for things to go wrong. We get ahead of potential IT issues before you even notice them because we know how even the smallest problems can make a big impact if left unfixed.

3). Big Picture IT Support
We take the time to get to know your business and people from the start. We want to understand your business goals and aspirations then work with you to help achieve them by optimising your technology.

The relationships we build with our clients in the Financial Sector are integral to our success. All our packages include regular account management reports and account management meetings at least monthly. We also conduct Quarterly Business Review meetings to discuss business strategy and how IT can be leveraged to achieve business goals.

4). Specialist IT Support

Given the rapid pace of fintech development, companies in the Alternative Investment and wider financial space need an IT partner with their finger on the pulse across areas such as cloud computing, digital transformation and cyber security. Our experienced specialist teams can answer questions and provide advice across an impressive range of IT topics, for example:

  • Our Procurement Team can advise on hardware and licensing requirements
  • Our Cloud Computing Team can advise on changes with your current IT system and future projects
  • Our Cyber Security Team can respond to PC threats and service outages, as well as providing expert advice on how to best upgrade the security layers of your IT infrastructure.

5). Peace of Mind IT Support

Whether it’s keeping your data secure or introducing your team to new software, your IT requirements are taken care of – so you can focus on core business. Our holistic service includes:

  • Set up and configuration for new starters (laptops, email accounts etc) in line with your company’s procedures
  • Managing domain and subscription renewals
  • Managing third party contracts, license allocation and renewals (printers, internet providers, etc)
  • Assistance with due diligence
  • Managing IT procedures when a staff member leaves, including cyber security, in keeping with your company guidelines
  • Managing Endpoint Protection and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software

Every IT support package we provide is tailor-made to meet your particular business needs. The more we understand about your business and your goals, the more effective our partnership can be.

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