Is your cyber security training good enough?

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Your clients deserve the best from you. To keep them protected, invested and supported you need to be able to defend against cyber crime.

With the rise of AI generated scams and the speed at which criminals are adapting and evolving, it’s more important than ever that the people on the frontline understand what they could be facing. So what steps are you taking to keep them alert and aware?

If you’re like most companies, you’re providing an annual training to your employees. It likely consists of a click through slideshow, some video, case studies and a round up quiz.

But that’s just not enough. Alternative investment companies are some of the most attractive targets to cyber criminals. According to a report from Gitnux, more than $3.5 trillion of alternative investments could be vulnerable to cyber security risks.

Sure, the annual online learning has become a routine part of the calendar for many organisations. And it’s a lot better than nothing. But it’s not engaging, it’s not inspiring, and it doesn’t have a lasting impact. Not to mention it’s time consuming and can be treated as just something to tick a box for compliance.

This style of training isn’t relatable, it doesn’t feel personal, and it lacks any genuine interaction. You wouldn’t use a system like this to introduce your clients to important products, so why use it to introduce your staff to something as important as cyber security?

It’s time to find a better way. A way to keep cyber security in the forefront of your teams’ minds. To adjust behaviours and spot threats in real-time.

It’s not as difficult as it might seem either.

What you want is to direct staff towards overall cyber hygiene habits. Small behaviours that, when completed regularly, become second nature. No tedious, hour long e-trainings that get skipped through. No remembering information that’s 9 months old or being caught out by scams that weren’t around then.

Think of other habits you’ve formed. They’re the result of small changes, backed up by reminders that are repeated as often as possible. The signs you see while driving or walking are a great example. They remind people of the speed they should be going, the turnings to take or the distance remaining. All to help drivers avoid the risks of fines, wrong turns or breakdowns.

Habit based training, backed up with reminders, makes your staff more aware of what’s around them, which helps them avoid cyber security risks. It also means they are aware of current, evolving, threats and weaknesses.

It’s about empowering them to make the right decisions every time.

Your annual trainings aren’t obsolete. They still serve a valuable yearly reminder of the basic principles of cyber security. When combined with your regular policy reminders, and ad-hoc updates, we can help employees understand the importance of remaining diligent. Your clients data and assets are protected, and so is the trust they have in your business.

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