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As highlighted in our blog What does a hybrid working model mean for businesses? how we all work is continuing to evolve and the current hybrid model is pushing the technology agenda further.

Most businesses understand the need for more flexibility but as we all start to work to these new working models we are continuously developing, as what works for some doesn’t work for others.

With some employees reporting that they’re more productive when working from home and no longer waste time on long commutes, for some, the office environment is the optimal place to work. 

Different working models are leading some businesses to rethink their office space, including size and location, and a move to smaller or alternatively configured offices.

Moving office with the right IT partner.

With more than 15-years of providing IT support solutions to the Alternative Investment sector, we know from experience that having the right IT partner is important, particularly when relocating your business. 

It goes without saying that keeping your business online is a must but it’s also important that the move is seamless and that when you return to your desk, in your new location, on a Monday morning that no time is wasted and you will be able to continue to operate as you were the week before.

The security of your critical information and assets continues to be our top priority during an office move and we use a documented project plan that encompasses all of your IT environment. 

For example, for one of our clients we designed and oversaw the preparation and delivery of a brand-new comms room. We arranged for at least two fibre circuits to be installed and have the comms room and all floors ready for occupation by the time of the office move.

We provided engineers to audit, disassemble, then reassemble workstations as soon as the transportation company delivered the desks and installed them. Tribeca coordinated the logistical planning for the move, ensuring it was smooth and cost-effective.

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