Private Equity Cyber Security

It’s no secret that cybersecurity presents a unique set of challenges for the Private Equity sector. PE Firms have an abundance of sensitive client and market data, which makes them prime targets for cybercrime. 


But that’s where Tribeca comes in. As a specialist managed IT provider, we offer a variety of Private Equity cyber security services to safeguardguarantee the protection of your client’s investments.

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    Cyber Risks to Private Equity

    The cyber risks to Private Equity firms are everywhere. Whether it’s through viruses and spyware, impersonation in emails, or unauthorised access to networks, businesses that fall victim to cyber-attacks can face astronomical consequences. 


    According to GOV UK, cyber security threats have become more prevalent. 75% of large businesses reported having cyber security breaches and attacks within the last 12-months, and three British private equity firms fell victim to a cyber scam worth a total of £1.1m.


    As 90% of successful cyber-attacks stemmed from an end-user in the firm, the most effective way to protect your business from cybercrime is to invest in cyber security. Cloud Solutions, Data Leak Prevention and Encryption are just some of the IT services that combat cyber-attacks, as well as protecting your businesses reputation and internal/external systems.

    Why Tribeca?

    At Tribeca, combating cybercrime is our top priority. We work hard to ensure your business stays exempt from the cybercrime statistics by offering robust technology solutions that protect your Private Equity firm from both internal and external threats. These include:

    • Next-Generation Fortinet Firewalls
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Encryption
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems 
    • Multi Factor Authentication
    • End-User Training
    • Phishing Testing
    • Dark Web Scanning
    • Endpoint Protection (Enterprise-Grade) 
    • Penetration testing

    Worried About Your Private Equity Firm’s Cyber Security?

    As a Private Equity firm, it’s natural to want to protect your critical assets and information. But if this is something that worries you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tribeca today — we’re here to help.


    With over 60-years combined experience in Private Equity IT Support, we’re confident our specialist technology will defend your business investments from harm. 


    We’ll perform a security assessment to discover any vulnerabilities within your firm’s existing cyber-security practices, and we’ll be quick to remediate them. At Tribeca, your Private Equity cyber security is always in our best interest.


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