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If your critical systems are on the move, you'll want minimal office downtime and disruption. Tribeca have an experienced team of technicians in the field of server system relocation and workstation migration. Whether you are relocating offices, adding a new premises to your network, co-locating or moving to data centre facilities, we can help.

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  • Careful reconfiguration of migrated data and systems ensuring that inter-dependencies are maintained
  • We manage everything, from logistics to connectivity

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Recent Feedback 

“Tribeca did a fantastic job with our office move! I was so pleased to have you all working with me on this. As you know, we have no IT support in-house, and I for one, was on my own with a lot of the IT planning for the move. Tribeca were a fantastic help with this – and tirelessly advised me on all aspects requested. You were also very proactive with advice on IT aspects i.e. how it would differ from the old office which was very useful for me at exactly the correct stages of planning.

Another highlight for me in terms of Tribeca’s contribution, was the excellent help and advice with getting not just one, but 2 phone lines installed in the new office. This is usually the bane of a move project, but in this case, was so well planned, we actually had the phone lines installed ahead of time! So there was sufficient time to test connectivity etc. which ensured a smooth transition.

On the move weekend itself, the Tribeca team were great – very energetic, alert and quick to help which is exactly what is required! They were calm and patient even when other contractors made mistakes and simply chipped in to help to rectify the errors.”

Simone Barnicoat | Global Facilities Manager – The Exchange Lab

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