Scalable & Secure

Business Critical Hosting

Production or Application Server Hosting

Tribeca offers hosted servers in our data centres, which are built to N+1 specification, ensuring system availability in the event of component failure. Using our data centres avoids the need to set up and maintain one of your own.  

All servers are secured behind fully managed Fortinet firewalls. Remote desktop access to your server (Windows) and a choice of connectivity speeds is available. The service is ideal for web servers, mail servers, application servers and more.

Our data centres comprise:

  • UPS and generator backup with full heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Remote environmental monitoring
  • Single socket controllable mains distribution
  • High bandwidth diverse internet connectivity
  • Secure access controlled environment
  • Remote hands to assist server management

Co-location Server Hosting

Tribeca provides you with an environment to host your server or other equipment from a single U up to dedicated 42U racks, with power and connectivity options available to meet your needs. For existing equipment re-locations Tribeca can take care of the whole process, from collection to installation and reconfiguration. 

Private Cloud Services

If you’re looking for a managed cloud service, or want more information on using a cloud platform, take a look at our industry specific Fund Cloud product.

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