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Private & Hybrid Cloud Solution

FundCloud is Tribeca Technology’s fully managed Private and Hybrid Cloud solution for Alternative Investment businesses that provides all the benefits of your own Datacentre, without the management overhead. This option provides your infrastructure with the flexible storage it requires to function efficiently, without the need to own, maintain, house or upgrade the hardware.

FundCloud offers the very best resiliency, which is provided by redundant systems in multiple sites to mitigate the risk of unplanned production stoppages and downtime. The chances are that your network requires high availability or is involved with mission-critical operations, in which case, it will benefit hugely from data path redundancy. If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer from a failed switch or cable break, a redundant system will ensure continuity and avoid disruption of critical communication and data flow.

If you are transitioning from a physical server to FundCloud, this will provide your business with an improved level of security and better flexibility with its dedicated hardware and effective resource management tools. Our virtualisation servers will allow you to achieve much better value from your physical server hardware, as you will require fewer physical devices and less rack space. You can rest assured that our ISO 27001 certified datacentres will keep your sensitive data and information assets safe and secure from cyber-attacks.

In January 2017, McAfee published a report on Cloud usage which found that 93% of organisations now use Cloud computing in at least one aspect of their business. They predicted that by the end of 2018, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to Cloud Solutions. It is this global shift in usage, that has seen the Alternative Investment Sector move their infrastructure onto Private Cloud platforms.

Why are Hedge Fund, Private Equity & Investment Management Firms moving to Private Cloud Computing, rather than Public Cloud Platforms?

Control, security & support. 3 key benefits of using Private Cloud platforms over Public Cloud offerings. Daniel Page (Head of Asset Management Advisory, for KPMG in Ireland) had this to say on the matter:

'A challenge with security preparedness on the public cloud often comes down to support. If an incident occurs on a public cloud, clients are often left sitting in a public queue waiting for the next available service technician rather than picking up the hotline to your dedicated help desk. Private clouds are purposely built for alternative investment firms and the associated applications, which allow these providers to provide customised services and rapid support to clients. Those fund managers relying on public cloud and off-the-shelf applications will have a hard time defending their approach to investors if their data gets hacked.' 

Why use Fund Cloud?

  • Tribeca does not use 'multi-tenant' servers
  • Replicating your servers to our dedicated DR site will ensure Business Continuity
  • Storage level Snapshots ensure your servers can be recovered to a point in time that spans beyond weekend
  • We can quickly and easily add more resources to your servers with no downtime
  • Resiliency provided by redundant systems in multiple sites
  • Security devices identified by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as the 2017 industry leader
  • Continuous investment ensures improvements in the flexibility, scalability and overall performance of Fund Cloud
  • Rapid deployment of custom Fund Cloud systems 
  • Full management service included as standard
  • Instant helpdesk access, staffed by experienced engineers, not a call centre


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