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Data Backup Solution

Datasafe is a secure managed data backup solution designed for the financial services sector

Research by BIS (formerly DTI) in 2013 found that 93% of large organisations and 87% of small businesses had suffered security breaches in the previous year. If an unforeseen event causes you to lose data, you need to recover that information and continue to operate without interruption to your business. To combat these threats and improve your resilience Tribeca offers Datasafe: a secure online data backup solution.

Why use Datasafe?

  • Easy to use, fully automated software
  • Use of a secure internet connection to send encrypted data to two secure offsite data centres
  • Supports file backups, Microsoft Exchange (message level retrieval) and SQL server backup sets among others, all set to run at a schedule decided by you
  • Restoration of a file or folder in seconds via the Datasafe Manager application
  • Email notifications of completed backups sent to you daily
  • No need for expensive backup software, tapes and tape streamers
  • No manual backing up required

Don’t let your business suffer in the event of an unforeseen disaster. Trust Tribeca to work with you to provide the business continuity solution you need.

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