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In 2012, a Norwegian researcher reported on a computer cluster that he’d developed for password cracking. Using five servers and 25 graphics cards, he used virtualisation software to run a program that could guess 350 billion passwords per second. It was estimated that it could guess every eight-character password, including those containing a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers, within five-and-a-half hours. This method of password guessing, known as ‘brute-forcing’, is now a common approach taken by hackers.

Cyber attackers also attempt to break passwords using social engineering techniques, such as phishing, pretexting and baiting. You might be surprised by how much of your personal information is available on the internet via Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. ‘Public’ social media accounts can reveal all the following about you: your birthday; middle name; mother’s maiden name; school; children’s’ names; home address; pet name; favourite sports team; place of work; email address; and phone number. All this information can be used by hackers to help crack your passwords.

So, how confident are you in your password security?

Do not despair; regardless of how weak your password is, if you introduce MFA to your user authentication process, a single password alone won’t be enough for a hacker to access your IT network.

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As a professional IT solutions provider, working with us guarantees you host of services that enables your business to run as smoothly as possible:

  • Straightforward & dependable desktop IT support
  • Fully managed services for Hedge Funds
  • Servers, cyber-security, DR back-up, hardware and network upgrades
  • Instant access to engineers with the highest levels of expertise
  • Detailed monthly reporting and competitive rates
  • Confidence that your users are in safe hands at home and abroad

Who are we?

With over 40 years of combined experience, there isn't anyone better-qualified to provide you with an exceptional outsourced IT service.

Specialising in technology for the Hedge Fund and Private Equity sectors, Tribeca takes the time to understand your business whilst applying its expertise to help drive success.

We have a clear understanding of the challenges the financial industry faces, such as PRIIPs and MiFID II, and has developed unique products that automate the production of document templates.

'Tribeca provided invaluable consultancy when we recently acquired a new company. We would have struggled to have the data and systems migrated to our platform without their knowledge and support in a project with tight timescales. Tribeca enabled us to finish the project on time and on budget.'

Jason Kennard - (Portfolio Manager) Go ETF

All Part of the Package

As experts, we've developed our own industry-specific products that offer the best specialist services available for your business

Our private cloud platform is an industry leader. We provide full management services with more control, security & support than public cloud services.


Automate the production of your fund Factsheet templates, saving you time and money. Customisation allows integration of company logos and branding themes.


Never get caught out by amendments again - our easy-to-use software automates the creation, monitoring and dissemination of your KIDs.


Our secure online data solution for the financial services sector. There's no longer any need for expensive backup software, tapes & tape streamers.

International IT support for 15 countries

Improved efficiency of your IT systems

A help desk that resolves 90% of issues remotely

Happy customers and 100% client retention

Switching couldn't be easier

Updating or changing any system can be challenging, which is why making the process as easy and smooth as possible is part of our core service plan.
No-hassle migration

Once you've got in touch and discussed your requirements, we'll conduct a free, no obligation network audit. This will provide us with a complete understanding of the condition of your network, making it easy for our engineers to migrate you over. Our innovative tools & resources make the switch effortless, whether your IT support is in-house or with another provider.

Tailored Service

Our engineers are trained by us and supplied by us; we don't outsource or use any 3rd party contractors. This means that they really understand how your systems work, and can tailor their expertise directly to your unique requirements.


Using our platform will guarantee to reduce your IT overheads, including third party providers. With full and partial outsourcing packages available, we can find a solution that suits your company best. We'll take care of all the IT support you need, leaving you to fully-focus on running your business.

Focus on your investment portfolio and let us take care of your IT support. Contact us today for a quote.

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