How can VDI help solve your business problems?

Our overview document explains exactly what VDI is, and why you might wish to consider using it.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is nothing new. Its origins can be found in the 1960s. However; VDI demand has increased over the past ten years, but at a slow pace. Today’s cloud-hosted virtual desktop solutions have helped speed-up VDI’s popularity, as it becomes more mainstream with enterprises and smaller organisations.

If you are a remote worker, a roaming user, or someone with an inaccessible workstation, then VDI could be the solution for you. The same applies if your business is expanding rapidly and is opening in new locations, or if you haven’t yet fully embraced the cloud.

However; before deciding, it’s a good idea to read through the pros and cons of VDI implementation. For example, could the long-term savings it offers your business be outweighed by complications of ensuring you have the adequate hardware to meet with your company’s needs for the future?

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