If you’re one of the 180 million users that are already using Microsoft Office 365 (Microsoft Quarterly Report April 2019), you’ll want to ensure business continuity and minimise the risk of loss of data by having Office 365 backups in place. The long-term safekeeping of your data is your responsibility, and not that of your SaaS provider.

Just when you thought you’ve got this covered; did you know that Outlook doesn’t backup any deleted emails of yours that are older than 30 days? Therefore; if you’ve accidentally deleted emails from your Deleted folder, they could be lost forever if you don’t already have them backed up.

It’s also worth remembering that Office 365 Enterprise plans are sold with different email storage limits e.g. the popular E3 licence offers 50GB and the E5 100GB. Should you reach these limits, you could be forced to delete old emails in order to carry on using your Outlook. Again, if these aren’t backed up by you, their deletion could be permanent.

Increasingly stringent banking regulations require you to keep accurate records of emails, attachments, files and related information for long periods. Even though Office 365 does offer optional archiving and backup, these are more expensive and less user-friendly than other backup solutions available. It’s very important for you to be able to search and instantly restore Office 365 data through a single pane of glass.

Cyber criminals and data hostage viruses continue to pose a serious threat to the day-to-day running of your business. In May 2019, www.computing.co.uk reported that hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide are still vulnerable to the flaws that WannaCry exploited. Since its first attack in May 2017, nearly 5 million detections of WannaCry have been identified. Therefore; it’s imperative that you have a full and complete backup and archive of all your company data to prevent your business from being severely impacted by the inability to access it.

Lastly, it’s not unheard of for disgruntled employees to deliberately delete important information from company systems. Again, if you have the correct backups solution, you can rest assured that all your data is safely stored and easy to recover.

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