Tribeca has been managing relocation projects for its clients' IT infrastructures for more than 12 years. Our thorough planning process leaves no stone unturned, as it takes into account all possible eventualities. This ensures that the correct failsafe measures are in place, thus providing our clients with complete peace of mind for a smooth transition as they move from one office to another.

Over the years, we’ve found some common misconceptions when it comes to IT migration, these include assumptions that it will be challenging and complicated; expensive; and ultimately at some point, fail. However; Tribeca’s experience proves otherwise. Our discovery work eliminates these problems, allowing the entire process to be straightforward, cost-effective and successful.

Our office migration questionnaires gather information that provides clear detail surrounding the new offices’ network infrastructures, specifics in terms of comms room requirements, the hardware equipment to be used, any information and service providers to liaise with, and telephony provisions.


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