Virtual Server Environments and Data Centre Design for Hedge Fund and Private Equity Businesses

Tribeca Technology Group has been overseeing projects for Hedge Fund, Private Equity and Asset Management companies since 2006. Our experience allows us to fully manage your network infrastructure, optimising hardware that is already in production and offering advice on upgrades where required. Our Data Centres are ISO 27001 certified and ensure that all risks and threats are assessed and managed appropriately. Their physical security processes are enforced consistently and they regularly conduct audits which include tests of security and CCTV monitoring. We invite all of our clients to a Data Centre site visit, so that they can see for themselves how secure their data is.

Our Data Centres are located within practical driving distance and feel like extensions of our own company. We regularly visit their sites to install new servers and work on existing ones. These visits also keep us safe in the knowledge that the environmental conditions involved are resilient and secure. We have become familiar with our Data Centres' on-site staff, whom we now regard as a trusted remote hands resource that we can rely on.

If you work within the Alternative Investment sector and are looking for a flexible, future-proof IT Infrastructure Design, then Tribeca Technology is the company for you!

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