A Robust Backup Solution for Hedge Fund and Private Equity businesses

In the event of unforeseen circumstances such as a security breach, or an office fire caused by an outlet overload causing your networking equipment or server to be damaged, Datasafe will allow you to recover valuable information and continue to operate without inconvenience to your business. Launched in 2007, this product has proved itself to provide the dependable security required to protect and restore the data of Hedge Fund, Private Equity and Asset Management companies, thus ensuring their peace of mind.

There are many reasons to consider Tribeca's Datasafe as your system backup solution for your Alternative Investment business. For example, its ease of use makes it practical and convenient e.g. no need for someone to set the tape at the end of each day, and is more cost effective than other backup software, tapes and streamers. Used as part of your Disaster Recovery programme, Datasafe puts less strain on your infrastructure and protects your business’s continuity.

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