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Luke Lowe

Joined Tribeca: 2011

Location: United Kingdom

Starting Position: Business administration apprentice

Current Position: Marketing Associate

Luke's journey

Luke joined Tribeca in 2011 as our first business administration apprentice, working within the sales and admin department. At his time of joining, Tribeca employed just 8 members of staff. Luke successfully completed his apprenticeship in 2012 and gained a BTEC Level 2 certification. Following his apprenticeship, he was offered a full-time role within Tribeca’s purchasing department. During his time within the purchasing, Luke set up many supplier relationships, worked on countless client projects and even helped to develop an in-house purchasing system that is still in use today. In addition to his purchasing duties, Luke undertook any graphic design needs that the company had and was involved in all marketing projects.


After joining Tribeca, Luke’s passion for graphic design began to grow, to the point where he became more and more interested in marketing. In 2015, the company decided to create a full-time marketing position, and offered Luke the role. Subsequently, he has helped build our marketing processes, overseeing online and offline direct marketing campaigns targeted at business prospects. Luke has now worked on large marketing projects, such as the full redesign and implementation of Tribeca’s website platform, for which he learnt how to code using HTML and CSS. He oversaw the launch of our new financial products, autoKIID and autoFactsheet, and developed their websites and branding. Luke has also worked closely with 3rd party companies, some of which we use for aspects of marketing, such as telemarketing and paid search.


Luke has achieved a Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketers, and is now studying part time for the Level 6 Diploma too.


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