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The importance of CSR in any business has increased over time but we are very proud at Tribeca as we have always understood that it’s an essential part of our business ethos.

Taking an interest in wider social interests as well as understanding the need to be part of our local community we have been running a number of initiatives across the business for many years.


Education is one of our core values and as a responsible business we have developed an association with Mid-Kent College and other local employers, we were part of the IT & Media Employment Board and played a key role in defining the curriculum to make it more relevant.  This ensured pupils left college and entered employment with the skills employers required.

This commitment to education is further demonstrated by our sponsorship of the Kent Messenger Literacy Awards. These Kent-wide Awards showcase initiatives that develop children and teens’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Starting in 2011, we have taken on 22 apprentices to our business, with 11 of them still with us today, including our very first apprentice who joined us in May 2011. 

We currently recruit 5 apprentices a year, the majority of whom come from our local community.  They are all given varied positions throughout the business from Business Administration, Accounts through to Sales or Technical roles.

We’re very proud of our well-established Tribeca Academy which is a dedicated space for the apprentices to receive their training together. It’s a space where we can replicate anything they might come across in their day-to-day work so they are fully equipped will the skills they will need in their role.


We always aim to be a sustainable business and as part of our excellent client service portfolio we also recycle all our own and our clients’ redundant hardware such as PCs, screens, servers, and switches.  This plays a vital role in keeping such items out of landfill and serves to help Tribeca on their journey to Zero Waste to Landfill.

Our environmental impacts also include using the greenest data centres we can. We work with a local data centre who have been crowned Green Data Centre of the Year for multiple years; they own woodlands to offset their carbon footprint.

At our head office we have had an energy efficient heating and cooling system fitted and use LED lights throughout the building.  Tribeca’s two company directors drive electric cars and we have had an electric car charger installed for the whole team to use.  We also encourage our team to take public transport where possible, when commuting to our clients’ offices. 

We know that individually and as a team we can make small differences and so we have a recycling policy for our own waste and don’t use single use plastics anywhere at our head office.

Worldwide Community.

We have been involved with B1G1 since 2016.  Established in 2007, B1G1 are a social enterprise and non-profit organisation with the mission to create a world full of giving.

It provides a platform for charitably minded companies, like us, to deliver corporate social responsibility fulfilment on a global stage and our habitual giving is baked into our processes. It works on the basis that every business transaction has the potential to positively impact the lives of people living in some of the poorest parts of our planet.

As a member of B1G1, Tribeca is able to choose from over 800 carefully screened projects to support. The projects endorsed by B1G1 are all aligned to the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations General Assembly.

Naturally, we were drawn towards the educational impacts that we can make through the wonderful work that B1G1 does and so far, we have been involved in the follow projects:

  • Cambodia: 14,460 days of access to reading materials.
  • Kenya: 18,615 learning tools for disadvantaged children.
  • India: 63,960 days of access to e-learning for children.
  • Afghanistan: 42 days of human rights education to social works.
  • Malawi: 960 days of business training to women in need in Africa.
  • Thailand: 2,780 days of computer education for children in need.
  • Ethiopia: 36,865 days of access to life-saving clean water for families.
  • Borneo: 228 trees to nurture the environment and help orangutans and hornbills.
  • Moldova: 80 days of access to school uniforms.
  • Tanzania: 20 hygiene education programmes for disadvantaged schoolgirls

We are extremely proud that, as a result of the whole team at Tribeca Technology Group taking the B1G1 initiative so seriously, we have been recognised as a ‘featured giver’ which means that Tribeca has provided the greatest number of days of access to education across the entire B1G1 platform, which is made up of 2,976 companies, in the last 12 months.

Local Community.

We’re a business rooted within our local community and our ongoing apprenticeship scheme ensures continued investment into local employment.

Our local community has also benefited through our sponsorship of employees’ individual efforts for local charities for example sponsored runs, sky dives, school events, bike rides and 5 a side football competition.

In 2020, we also contributed £20,000 to local charities. This included a donation of £6,000 to match that of wedding venue, Cooling Castle Barn, who, during the first lockdown, opened up their now closed commercial kitchens to provide meals for vulnerable people in the local community who might be struggling to feed themselves on a daily basis.

Through our London office, we donated £5,000 to The Felix Project, a food re-distribution charity in London, delivering nutritious food to the most vulnerable in society.  We have also supported the Thames River Boat Charity by providing IT and financial support to this organisation who refurbished the boat and now offer trips for disadvantaged children.

We have also recently donated to our local church, to enable them to perform vital roof repairs, as well as sponsoring a local U7’s football team.


Staying true to our values and taking our Corporate Social Responsibilities seriously we are continuously developing new ideas that we can help our local and global communities and remain and sustainable and responsible business and a great place to work!

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