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For Family Office Businesses

We’ve been providing reliable managed IT services to family offices for more than 10 years to help boost their efficiency. Are you able to keep up with the evolving technology needs of your family office? Do you find that there’s increasing pressure on you to ensure that the family and board members have the access when they need it to their IT network? Many family offices are now reviewing their current technology and updating it to guarantee that it meets the future needs of the business. This is particularly the case for family offices that are seeing younger members of the family becoming more engaged.

How secure is your family office’s IT network? Campden Research’s Cybercrime statistics show that family offices are experiencing increased numbers of data breaches. 28% of international families, family offices and family businesses have already fallen victim to cyber-attacks. 77% of those were subject to phishing, targeted at a specific employee as a way into the family.

We understand exactly how important it is for your family office to keep its sensitive data protected – our cyber security strategies are designed to keep your systems and data safe, secure and out of the hands of cyber attackers. We achieve this by using only the best next generation firewalls and antivirus software alongside our ISO 27001 certified data centres. Our Cyber Essentials accreditation confirms that we meet specific security standards as set by the National Cyber Security Centre.

Some aspects of your business might be outsourced, such as accountancy and legal. If so, we can set up your family office with the secure third party access it needs by introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) to remote users. This will greatly decrease the probability of a cyber attacker impersonating a member of your organisation and gaining access to your computers, accounts and other sensitive resources.

Our highly responsive service desk focuses on speed and reliability to deliver gold standard IT support to you. You'll be spared the pain of having to navigate your way past virtual receptionists and international call handlers. Our team of full-time engineers is available 24/7 to answer your calls and will do so in less than 6 seconds. They'll work hard to fix your problem as quickly as possible, minimising any downtime to your IT network. We operate using a follow-the-sun support model, utilising our highly trained engineers in New YorkDublin, LondonKent, and Hong Kong.

You'll be added to the 11,000 system monitors we have in place, and we'll be constantly monitoring your Family Office’s network for slow or failing components. The monitors will also pick up on any problems caused by overloaded or crashed servers, broken network connections and other critical devices. In the unfortunate event of a system issue, our engineers will be immediately alerted via email, or if it’s a critical problem, by telephone. In most cases, by the time it comes to your attention that there was a problem, we’ll have already fixed it.

Is now the time for your family office to review its IT infrastructure? If so, Tribeca’s team has the knowledge and experience to design a network for you that will agilely adapt to your evolving needs. Our infrastructure recommendations will be planned around what’s best for your business both now and the future. We’ll suggest which existing technology of yours you should keep and what you should consider upgrading. Our procurement department has strong, long-standing relationships with the best technology vendors and is committed to sourcing exactly the right products and services at the most competitive price for you.

How can Tribeca's thirteen years of knowledge and experience benefit your Family Office?

  • Peace of mind that your IT systems are being monitored 24/7
  • Secure and protected access on and off-site for your staff
  • Responsive and reliable IT support
  • An extremely experienced and competent Project Management team, specialising in:
  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Certified Cyber Security
  • Third party liaison with vendors such as a internet service providers and data centres

Contact us today on +44 (0)203 475 8732 or Email: for more information on how Tribeca can improve the quality of you family office’s IT support.

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